Legislative Priorities of ACSIPA

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School Safety Grants:
ACSIPA supports the equitable funding of security funds on a per capita basis with unused or extra money being distributed by competitive application.

Increase and Protection to EITC:
ACSIPA supports the continued use of these funds to private religious schools in a way that they may continue to practice their faith in accordance with their mission. ACSI also supports the practical and logistical improvement allowing individual participants who have their state income taxes withheld from their to be able to modify their withholding when taking their state income tax credit into account.

Lifeline Scholarships:
First, we believe that a portion of educational funding should follow the student not simply continue to fund educational systems. Second, there are smaller private schools in poor counties that do not have the means to solicit or even the donors to solicit support through EITC.

Non-Public School Nursing Services:
Public schools do not provide nursing services as required by Public School Code. Doing so places private school students at risk.

Transportation Reduction of Non-Public School Busing Funding:
The ability for a parent to choose their child’s education can often hinge on their ability to secure transportation for their child to that school.

To learn more, please take a few minutes to read about all of these topics and the thoughts of ACSIPA.