Title IId Funding in PA for Private Schools


Title IId Funding is Federal Funding provided through the States to Public and Private Schools Each year that funding is provided by the Government.

Funding has to be requested on the annual survey that schools provide to their School Districts and LEA�s (Intermediate Units) once a year.

Funding then is provided through the state through one of (or both ) two ways:

1. Competitive Grants: Any Competitive Grant money is provided only when a public school applies for and receives money for technology. When a public school gets a competitive grant awarded to them, any private schools that are located within their district will be awarded funds if they have identified at the beginning of the year they wanted this funding.

2. Proportional Funding Happens when all Private schools and Public Schools in the State get the proportional amount of funds for their students. In this case there is no need for the public school to participate for the private school to receive funds.

Each Year, the State Director of Education makes a determination about how the funds will be disbursed and in what proportion.


To view a Webinar that explains what Title IId funding is (along with additional information about Title I) please go to http://acsi.my247ed.com


Remember it is critical when you receive information about Federal Funds you must indicate in advance you want to be included in Title IId funding

2009-2010 Funds

This year in PA are provided only on a Competitive Basis


Click Here to see what Private Schools in the state will be receiving funds and through which school district.