HB 800 EITC Support Letter

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ACSIPA writes to express its full support for House Bill 800 and the expansion of the EITC Program. As a group made up of hundreds of Christian schools in PA, the vast majority participate in some way in the tax credit scholarship program and utilize these critically needed funds to provide education and services to low- and moderate-income families in the Commonwealth.

Most of our schools are on the front end of the distribution of tax credits and see firsthand how the program helps families make their education preferences realized. We stand ready to help in any way to help others see those obvious benefits of this incredible program. You can find some examples on our website at www.acsipa.org about how schools see this innovative  program partnering with families to accomplish great things in the lives of students.

ACSIPA stands as schools across the Commonwealth in support of this bill and any others that
increase this program and provide for its continual expansion...

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