In God We Trust Plaque Free To Schools

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Representative Richard Saccone Provides In God We Trust Plaque to any Interested School    Any ACSI school that is interested in receiving an 'In God We Trust' Plaque for their school should contact Representative Saccone. He will arrange for one to be delivered to you, and will present it along with your local legislator (if they want) in a public press event.  Contact Representative Saccone directly at the link on his webpage  The short video clip there is powerful.  He has asked us to contact all the schools in PA as he would like the word to spread as far and as fast as possible before the Apr 22nd anniversary of the adoption of the motto on our coins in 1864.  Attached is the art for the IGWT posting.  The poster has the history of the adoption of the motto on it.  Please call his office at 412 653-1025 and talk to his secretary about scheduling.  Please also let us know at ACSIPA if you take advantage of this offer.