2019 PA Budget Summary

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ACSIPA Budget Update from PACAPE July, 2019

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July 2019

Dear ACSIPA School Leaders,

 This is the PACAPE newsletter regarding some critical timelines and issues from the budget. Please let me know if we can help!   Merle and ACSIPA Team

EITC/OSTC Increases

The EITC received a $25 million increase and the OSTC received a $5 million increase.

          The family income level was raised by $5,000.  Now, the base income for both the EITC and the OSTC programs is $90,000. 

          Any business that participated and successfully completed a 2-year EITC or OSTC application in prior years but had been denied approval and put on a waiting list will be given preference in a new two-year EITC or OSTC application. 

          The $5 million increase for the OSTC program comes in the form of a sub-fund added to the OSTC program that will be set aside for credits for donations to a single statewide OSTC SO that will provide additional scholarships (grants) to students in economically disadvantaged schools (defined as having 75% of its students receiving EITC or OSTC scholarships).  The scholarship would be for up to $1,000 more than the student received in the prior year.

Private Schools Given Access to 

Safe Schools Equipment and Program Grants
Due Dates Mid-August

 This summer, nonpublic schools can apply for grants for security equipment and for security programs for the 2019-2020 school year. Every private school should have received clear guidance from your Intermediate Unit (IU) with information about applying. If you haven’t received notification from your IU, reach out to them as quickly as possible as many of the due dates are moved up to mid-August.

Here is some relevant information and preliminary instruction:

  1. These links include guidance and eligible purchases/uses for each grant: 
  1. You will send your application to your IU. The IU will then submit the application to Harrisburg (PDE). You will not be submitting it on your own in e-grants.
  2. You can apply for both grants.

  3. The deadline for your IU to submit the applications to Harrisburg will be August 31. Therefore, each IU will choose its OWN deadline for applications, BEFORE AUGUST 31, to give them time to input and submit. 

  4. This is a program that is meant to make schools SAFER. It is important and WORTH IT to take the time to apply!

  5. Many vendors, like our newsletter sponsors below, are working to help make our schools safer!

  6. The following link is a recorded webinar done by a safe schools grant writer at IU 1 that you might find helpful: Safe Schools Webinar

  7. A few important points from the meeting:
    • -This is a reimbursement grant, so your school has to put the money out up front to purchase the equipment and/or program before it is reimbursed.
      -There are state reporting requirements.
      -These are competitive grants, so there is no guarantee of being awarded funds.


Gaggle Safety Grant Programs

Mailing: 845 Silver Spring Plaza, Ste B, Lancaster, PA 17601-1183
Phone: 717.285.3022
Fax: 717.285.2128