ACSI's Day of Prayer

On Maundy Thursday, Christian school leaders, teachers, and students around the world will join together in prayer. We will be praying for the Christian school movement, sharing prayer requests, and praying for one another by name. And we hope you’ll join us. Learn more about the movement on this page, where you can scroll down to submit a prayer request.
You can encourage your brothers and sisters around the world by sharing your prayers through social media. Here’s how:
- A photo,
- A short video,
- A Facebook Live stream, or
- A regular post.

When you post to your social media channels, use the hashtag #SchoolsThatPray.

Here is an example:

When you post using the hashtag #SchoolsThatPray, others will be able to see your prayers and be encouraged by them.
We look forward to seeing your posts and prayer requests as the Christian school movement comes together next week!